Heart Project

I absolutely love shooting weddings. They are what I shoot most often. Once in a while, however, I get to be creative on other projects. Last summer it was the Canada Summer Games. This spring my church asked me to create photographic art for our bulletin covers during Lent. This is a project I have been thinking about for years … not specifically for Lent or for our bulletin, but a concept project. I was given the themes for each of the 5 Sundays prior to Holy Week and was tasked with developing concepts to match. I provided 3 – 5 images each week and it was so exciting to see which one would be chosen. I’m happy to share them with you here!

Thank you so much to my family and our friend and neighbour for working with me on this. I couldn’t have done it without you!

The Penitent Way:

Finding Identity in Love and Dependence

“In Need of Grace”

Jesus’ Temptation – Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7, Psalm 32, Matthew 4:1-11

“In Need of Promise”

Abram – Genesis 12:1-4a, Psalm 121, Romans 4:1-5, John 3:1-17

“In Need of Living Water”

Samaritan Woman at the Well – Exodus 17:1-7, Psalm 95, Romans 5:1-11, John 4:5-42

“In Need of Vision”

Blind Man Healed by Jesus – 1 Samuel 16:1-13, Psalm 23, Ephesians 5:8-14, John 9:1-41

“In Need of Resurrection”

Lazarus is Raised – Ezekiel 37:1-14, Psalm 130, Romans 8:6-11, John 11:1-45

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New Season


Spring has sprung, as they say.  And with it the garden is coming back to life.

And we’re all finding ourselves in a new way of living lately.  The usual routines are put on hold.  Some are worried we will lose some of what we have become attached to.  I hope it helps us to slow down and see what is in front of us.  To stop all the rushing and stand still for a bit.  Listen to the birds sing and watch the butterflies.  Catch sight of a dragonfly hovering over a puddle.

Maybe you will get to know your neighbour.  Open your eyes and see the people around you.  Check on them and make sure they are ok.  And make sure you are ok too.  Do something to keep you ok.  Read a good book.  Try some new recipes. Whatever good this season offers you, take it with open hands and be grateful for small gifts.

And let’s be real.  There will be some hard stuff.  Remember … you’re not alone in this.  Ask for help if you need it.

I hope what I found in my garden today makes you smile a little and gives you a bit of hope.




Barbara & Jeff – It Finally Happened!

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Coudersport Caravan

It was that time of year again.  Memorial Day.  And it wouldn’t be Memorial Day without a weekend in Coudersport on the bike.

This year the weather gods smiled on us and granted us sunshine and warmth.  The bearded guy even managed to get off early (thanks boss!) and we were able to drive in daylight.  A few of our group arrived early and set out on an afternoon ride.  Unfortunately, there was an incident which sent a couple of our merry band home before the weekend even really began.  That took the wind out of our sails for a bit the next morning, but after a few corners we got our mojo back and the ride on Saturday was one of the best ever.

The ride through the national forests and parks is so beautiful and tranquil.  Winding through the tree-lined roads, past streams and look-outs.  On this particular day, as we meandered … ok, more like careened … we were showered with delicate, yellow butterflies that fluttered down on us like confetti.  Aaaaaand …. sometimes splattered all over our visors.  In spite of the carnage those bright, sunny creatures made me smile.

A late lunch and we headed back to the Laurelwood for some socializing and sipping.  After a delicious dinner Paul was kind enough to gather the band and together we sang a few songs, struggled through one or two, and just had a blast.

Thanks, again, everybody, for a great time with fantastic people!  Here are a few pics from the “back seat”


HotelCoudersport 2018Coudersport 2018-58

Aaaand … we’re off!

Coudersport 2018-2Coudersport 2018-5Coudersport 2018-6Coudersport 2018-8Coudersport 2018-9Coudersport 2018-10Coudersport 2018-11Coudersport 2018-12Coudersport 2018-13Coudersport 2018-14Coudersport 2018-15Coudersport 2018-16Coudersport 2018-17Coudersport 2018-18Coudersport 2018-20Coudersport 2018-21Coudersport 2018-22Coudersport 2018-23Coudersport 2018-24Coudersport 2018-25Coudersport 2018-26Coudersport 2018-27Coudersport 2018-28Coudersport 2018-29Coudersport 2018-30

Lunch break

Coudersport 2018-31Coudersport 2018-32Coudersport 2018-33Coudersport 2018-36Coudersport 2018-38Coudersport 2018-39Coudersport 2018-40Coudersport 2018-41Coudersport 2018-42Coudersport 2018-43

The remnants of the carnage ….

Coudersport 2018-50

The band

Coudersport 2018-45Coudersport 2018-48Coudersport 2018-51Coudersport 2018-52

No helmet … and SHORTS!

Coudersport 2018-53Coudersport 2018-54Coudersport 2018-55Coudersport 2018-56Coudersport 2018-57Coudersport 2018-59Coudersport 2018-60

Packin’ up

Coudersport 2018-64Coudersport 2018-63

Remember the haunted house from 2 years ago?  Well, apparently the ghosts have been evicted.  Can’t wait to see it all done.

Coudersport 2018-65

Home again.

Coudersport 2018-66

Alissa & Johnny – Marvel-ous Match

E-session _-10-49

Alissa & Johnny are the sweetest!  Johnny is shy and quiet.  Alissa is bubbly and chatty.  Together they just make you smile.

I’ve known Alissa since she was a little girl getting into mischief with my daughter, Jodi.  I still remember the summer Alissa, Jodi and our son painted the inside of my in-law’s shed pink.  And how proud they were of the finished product.  Good thing dad has a sense of humour.

Alissa is sweet and bright.  She likes to dance and can always make you smile.  She’s dealt with a lot in her life and still stays positive through it all.

I met Johnny when I photographed his sister’s wedding (Courtney & Ryan).  Alissa brought me in for that wedding and when she introduced me to Johnny it was very obvious that they were in love.  Though Johnny is quiet, I’ve learned that he is caring, intelligent and friendly.  He’s the kind of guy every mother wants to see her daughter with and wants her son to be.

We met at the beautiful Maple Meadows Farm where we were greeted by Lori and the family dog.  What a gorgeous spot!  The flowers were blooming, the sun shone and the horses were friendly.  Such a tranquil, lovely place to spend a day.  I can’t wait to see it all set up for the wedding.

Finally, we cooled off with a little soft-serve from the Dairy Queen up the road.

Here are a few pics from our day.


E-session _-10-29E-session _-10-1E-session _-10-3E-session _-10-4E-session _-10-6E-session _-10-27E-session _-10-7E-session _-10-8E-session _-10-9E-session _-10-11E-session _-10-13E-session _-10-14E-session _-10-17E-session _-10-18E-session _-10-19E-session _-10-21E-session _-10-22E-session _-10-23E-session _-10-24E-session _-10-26E-session _-10-28E-session _-10-33E-session _-10-30E-session _-10-34E-session _-10-36E-session _-10-37E-session _-10-39E-session _-10-40E-session _-10-41E-session _-10-42E-session _-10-43E-session _-10-44E-session _-10-45E-session _-10-46E-session _-10-48E-session _-10-50E-session _-10-51

For the City by the Church

2018 LPB-87

I, again, had the privilege of photographing the  Leaders’ Prayer Breakfast.  This event inspires me every year.  The messages each of the speakers share with us are amazing, uplifting, heartbreaking, heartwarming and true.  We heard about how early we are affected by our environment and the impact that can have on our mental health.  We were brought to tears by a young woman who’s story went from the darkness of suicidal thoughts to a bright future because of the help she received and a faith she clung to.  We heard a police officer’s experiences working with people on the street dealing with mental health issues.  We heard about the Westview ministry to women in the sex trade.  And we heard from our Mayor, Walter Sendzik, and the partnership he is seeking between the city and the church to reach out to all people in need.

There is so much need in our city.  Many churches are helping.  Many are not.  Not because they don’t care or are not good people.  They simply just don’t know how.

There are 330 churches, synagogues and temples listed in the Yellowpages located in St.Catharines.  Imagine if all of them were doing something to help our city address the needy in our city.  As of 2016 the population of St.Catharines was 133,113 with 15.6% of that population suffering from a mental illness.  If the average church has 150 attendees and all of us agreed to help address the needs of the mentally ill in our city, there would be 3 helpers for each person in need!

As you enjoy these pictures from the event, I challenge you to think of just 1 way you could help someone in need today.

2018 LPB2018 LPB-42018 LPB-52018 LPB-62018 LPB-82018 LPB-92018 LPB-112018 LPB-142018 LPB-152018 LPB-162018 LPB-172018 LPB-182018 LPB-192018 LPB-202018 LPB-212018 LPB-222018 LPB-242018 LPB-252018 LPB-262018 LPB-272018 LPB-302018 LPB-312018 LPB-332018 LPB-352018 LPB-362018 LPB-372018 LPB-412018 LPB-432018 LPB-442018 LPB-452018 LPB-472018 LPB-492018 LPB-502018 LPB-512018 LPB-532018 LPB-542018 LPB-562018 LPB-582018 LPB-642018 LPB-692018 LPB-732018 LPB-742018 LPB-772018 LPB-822018 LPB-862018 LPB-872018 LPB-892018 LPB-902018 LPB-922018 LPB-972018 LPB-982018 LPB-1002018 LPB-1012018 LPB-1032018 LPB-1042018 LPB-1072018 LPB-1082018 LPB-1092018 LPB-1112018 LPB-1122018 LPB-1132018 LPB-1142018 LPB-1152018 LPB-1162018 LPB-1182018 LPB-1192018 LPB-1232018 LPB-1242018 LPB-1252018 LPB-1262018 LPB-1272018 LPB-1292018 LPB-1312018 LPB-1322018 LPB-1342018 LPB-1352018 LPB-1362018 LPB-1372018 LPB-139