Happy Wanderer’s Wedding

As part of my efforts to keep learning this year, I have been very privileged to assist a master at his craft.  I’m speaking, of course, of my friend, Robert Nowell.  Our most recent partnering took us on a tour of the “neighbourhood”.

We met our bride, Erika, at her parents’ home in Waterdown.  Portraits were taken of Erika, her bridesmaids, her parents, and her adorable flower girl, Ella.  As Rob captured beautiful images of Erika and her Oma, Heidi, the kitchen clock chimed the song The Happy Wanderer.  That couldn’t have been more sweet!

Next stop was the most beautiful Christ the King Cathedral in Hamilton.  This magnificent church took my breath away!  With arches reaching almost to the heavens, and stained glass windows as vivid and sparkling as precious jewels.  In this gorgeous place, Erika and Justin were joined.

After family portraits in the Cathedral grounds, we travelled back to Niagara for the evening celebration at Chateau des Charmes Winery.  With the sun glistening on the tables, setting the flowers aglow, the evening was perfect!  And as the sun set and the candles flickered they danced the night away.  Happy guests, delicious food and a beautiful couple in love!  Here are a few images I captured of the day.  Enjoy!

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