Hannah & Keith … True Love!

I started posting this from 10,000 feet up.  I just couldn’t wait to land before I posted this one!  Unfortunately, the wifi was a bit slower than I’d hoped so had to finish it with my feet on the ground.

As you may recall, Hannah is my beautiful niece.  I was SOOOO excited when she and (now hubby) Keith asked me to capture their wedding for them.  I have to admit that I was also a bit nervous.  They are such a great couple and so much in love.  The pictures had to be perfect.

The day came and, in spite of the 15 degree weather, we managed to find some snow for the pictures.  Rockway Glen was the fantastic site for the wedding.  Not a detail was missed!  Shelley helped everyone get to their places and the day went off without any glitches.  Including the surprise fireworks dad Kelly arranged.   I must say, it would be really hard to take a bad picture of these two.  They are just too GORGEOUS!

It was truly my honour to do this for Hannah and Keith and for their families.  It was really hard to narrow them down, but, here are a few of my favourites.




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