Courage, my Love



This is my sister, Deb, mugging for the camera with her daughter, Meaghan.  She will probably not be happy that I posted this picture so here’s one that she still won’t be happy with, but will let you all see her face.


Deb and Meaghan, along with a few friends, finished the 10km Walk for MS this morning.  To be completely correct, though, Meaghan and her friends walked.  Deb didn’t.  Deb has MS.

I have another sister.  Vickie.  Vickie has MS too.

And we have  a brother, Chris.  He and I don’t have MS.

Our mom lived with MS for 33 years.  She’s the one who taught us about courage.  She never complained, never got upset or asked “why me”.  She smiled every day … thankful for the things she could do and not focusing on those things she could no longer do.  Even when you could count the things she could do on one hand.

And now I look up to Deb and Vickie for their courage.  They deal with MS daily in their own way, with courage and grace.

I missed Deb and Meaghan at the finish line.  They were faster than I expected!  But I did catch a few other folks I knew who were walking in support of their family members living with MS – and one walking for herself.  (below)

The dictionary definition of courage is as follows:


 [kur-ij, kuhr-]  Show IPA

noun – the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.
I think it should just have pictures of Deb and Vickie … and my mom … and Julie … and many others …


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