All Kinds of Weddings …

800As a photographer and a photographer’s assistant I get to see all kinds of weddings.  Big, small, young couples, older couples, you name it.  This weekend was a first … my first Redneck wedding!   Yup, that is the father of the bride wearing a camouflage suit jacket.  What you can’t see in this picture is that mom’s dress coordinates beautifully with dad’s jacket.  They are unapologetic Rednecks and proud of it.  More importantly, though, they are a FAMILY who love each other very much, have tons of fun with each other and their friends.   And they are parents who are extremely proud of their daughter who has graduated from Nursing school, made a place for herself in the world and found a good young man to marry.  The groom’s parents are equally proud of their son, as they should be.  He’s a smart young man who surrounds himself with good friends and chose this lovely young woman for his wife.  As we worked with them to capture their day we saw creative, positive, happy people and we had a great time with them.

I’ve seen some really extravagant weddings where not a detail was missed, but if I had to chose between extravagance and the fun I saw this family having, I’ll take the fun every time.

Congratulations!  I wish you much more happiness as you journey together.


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