Under the Evergreen – The Willems Family

This is instalment number 2 of sharing portraits of my family.  Vickie is my youngest sister and you might recognize Hannah and Keith from their wedding pics.  This week was their first anniversary!  I love how much fun they all have together.  No matter what life throws at them, Kelly & Vickie are able to find a way to see the positive and come out smiling.

When I got married, Vickie was just a girl.  When she got married I was very pregnant with my second child.  And now both of us have adults instead of kids.  Time really flies.  Before you know it we’ll all be old and … well, not grey because Hannah will take care of our hair.

So, here are the Willemses!


K&V 011

K&V 001

K&V 008

K&V 017

K&V 018

K&V 028

K&V 009

K&V 015

K&V 024

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