You’re Such a Pansy!

Pansie 01

Have you heard that statement before?  It’s generally used as an insult … questioning someone’s manhood.  In reality, these sunny blooms with their smiling, happy faces are among the hardiest plants in the garden.  They are part of the violet family …. as in shrinking violets.  Hardly the case as violets  are also very hardy and spread prolifically.

Usually, the people we refer to as Pansies or Shrinking Violets are often the ones who are the strongest among us.  They take everything that is thrown at them and carry on.  Very much like the bright little flowers they are mocked with.

I plant Pansies in the urn outside my front door every spring.  I love coming home to their smiling faces, especially on those really tough days.  Their smiles make me smile and I’m grateful to God for creating them and all the other bright promises of spring.  Here are a few more “faces” of spring I found in my garden.  You can call me a pansy any time!


Pansie 02

Pansie 03

Pansie 06

Pansie 05

Pansie 04

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