The Puff Ball Lesson


Early in my study of photography our instructor began the course with the story of a National Geographic Photographer named Dewitt Jones.  Dewitt had been given an assignment to take photographs of dandelions.  He found a field of them … but the light was not right so he decided to wait another day.  One day turned into several and by the time Dewitt returned to the field those sunny yellow flowers had turned to puff balls!  He could have wallowed in what was wrong with the situation …. but that isn’t his nature.  Dewitt Jones’ nature and the lesson he was passing on to us was to look for what is right in the world!  The result of this way of thinking on that day was an extraordinary photograph of a circular puff ball illuminated by the sun.  The result of this way of thinking all the time is contentment.

I’ve never forgotten that lesson and the image in this post is my version of the puff ball photo.  There are things in my life that are not how I dreamed they would be at this stage.  Not regrets … just the realities of life.  I could moan about the things I wish were different … or I can celebrate the things that are fantastic about my life.  And there are many of those.  I have a beautiful, healthy family … a comfortable home …. a good job.  God has been very good to me and I am so grateful.  I can honestly say that I have found contentment and it feels amazing.

Here are a few more of my puff ball images and you can check out some of Dewitt Jones’ stories on Youtube.


038 039 041



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