Katiana & Greg – Love Birds


I met Greg a few days after he was born.  You may recognize his parents’ faces from my vacation or riding pics.  We’re kind of close 😉 … to say the least.  Anyway … when my friend, Sandy, asked me to take pictures of Greg and the guys before the wedding I was honoured … and so excited.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Greg.  He’s a sweetie … always has been.  A little shy and reserved … and sincere to the core.

About a year ago we started hearing about a girl named Kat … short for Katiana.  Also a little shy and very sweet.  Greg’s perfect match.  Well, just before Christmas Greg proposed and Kat said yes.

Fast forward to May 31 … a warm, sunny day and an old country church.

A beautiful bride and a teary groom.

The most touching vows I have ever heard … and I’ve heard a few.

A tender kiss and a journey begins.

Thanks to the lovely Sarah Bissell for letting me get in a few shots at the reception as well.  Head on over to her site as well to see all the pics from the whole day!  www.sarahbissellphotography.com


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