Alicia, Rob & Payton – Family



This was an interesting journey getting to these images.  It started with a plan for a back yard wedding.  Rob & Alicia had married and moved to the other side of the continent in a very short time.  The wedding was so family and friends could celebrate with the couple on a visit home.  Alicia’s mom, Liz, found me and we hit it off right away.  Then came the news that a new family member would also be attending!  Long story short …  a change in jobs for Rob and the arrival of Payton turned the wedding into a welcome party for this little princess.

I am so happy to have been a part of it all.  She’s just perfect!  Congratulations to everyone!


001 002 003 007 010 012 015 017 020 021 022 024 026 027 030

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