A little change is good for the soul …

It’s not much … just a slight change.  A little softer and a little sweeter.  I’m finding my wings!  So it seemed appropriate to add them to my name.

My photography journey has taken a great turn this year.  I’ve met some lovely people and have been able to share my gift with members of my family.  It truly feels a bit like I’m flying.  But not like a bird flying quickly … more like fluttering – hence the butterflies.

I’ve been able to see things with new eyes and really give thanks for so many blessings.  Little things I have slowed down to see … that I would have missed in the past because I have been in such a hurry.  Slowing down allows you to really see.  To take in all the things around.  Most of all, it allowed me to see light in a different way.

So, here’s to slowing down and stopping to smell (and see) the flowers!


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