Through the Looking Glass to Love

003Katie is marrying my nephew, Zak.  And so, yesterday afternoon the female half of family and friends came together to shower her with love and gifts for their new home.

It’s been pretty obvious since the first time we met Katie that she was perfect for Zak and that he loved her.  And yesterday she had all of us tearing up as she told us how she and Zak met and how much he means to her.  This is the kind of love that poems are written about.

Maid of Honour, Hannah, created a whimsical “Alice in Wonderland” theme with tea and rabbits for all.  And we followed the instructions of “Eat Me” and enjoyed the cakes and cookies presented.

Katie and Zak will become husband and wife in September and I can’t wait to be there to capture their day.  She’ll be an absolutely beautiful bride … inside and out.


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