Bacon, Eggs and the Mayor

On May 10, 2016 I had the privilege of photographing the Leaders’ Prayer Breakfast held at the Holiday Inn, St.Catharines.  This is a gathering of Spiritual, Business and Community Leaders from St.Catharines coming together to pray for our city.  This year’s speaker was our very own Mayor, Walter Sendzik.  I have to tell you … we have a remarkable Mayor.  Walter Sendzik is intelligent, eloquent and caring.  During his q & a session with host and committee chair, Craig Danielson, he explained his 4 pillars and how the churches in St.Catharines can contribute.

Social, Economic, Environmental and Cultural sustainability are his 4 pillars and he explained how the faith community can and is helping by feeding and sheltering, by recycling, by conserving and by praying.  We were encouraged to do all we can and to pray for our leaders at all levels of government.

In addition to the mayor, we  were joined by several other speakers who shared their experiences, a wonderful choir from Denis Morris and an amazing 14 year old young woman who blessed us with her spoken word.

In the poem she had written and performed, Janah Bataineh shared what Canada means to refugees seeking a life of peace.  Her words inspired us all and brought everyone to their feet is salute.

I left the morning energized and excited.  Thank you to all who worked so hard to plan this event and to all the wonderful speakers.  It was truly inspiring!

Leaders' Prayer Breakfast-99Leaders' Prayer Breakfast-102

Leaders' Prayer Breakfast Final-47Leaders' Prayer Breakfast Final-53


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