Sweet Ride


WOW!  That was a sweet ride!

The bearded guy and I headed down to the Laurelwood Inn in Coudersport, PA to meet up with a group of riders – some we knew and some we didn’t.  If you want to know where Coudersport is, it is located in Potter County in Pennsylvania which they call “God’s Country”.  We might want to argue that since we live in Niagara … which is wine country … and … you know.  But God is big and He can have all the countries he wants so who am I to argue with the folks of Potter County.

I will say this about the people of Coudersport … they are some of the NICEST people we have ever encountered.  This is going to be a bit of a story so if you just want to look at the pictures scroll down now, but if you want to know why keep reading.  We needed to wait until Friday afternoon to confirm when we were leaving.  I tried all afternoon to reach the hotel with no answer.  Frustrated and wanting to make sure we had a place to sleep when we got there I called the Millstream Inn where I reached Brandy.  I inquired about rooms and then said I had been trying to reach the Laurelwood all afternoon but couldn’t get through and that we were meeting up with friends who were staying there.  Brandy said, “Oh, my sister works over there.  I’ll call her cellphone for you.”  Long story short … Brandy took all our info and told me not to worry.  We could leave and we’d have a room when we arrived …  We did.

Checking in we met Paul who is the owner of the Laurelwood.  And, we found out later, is also the dinner entertainment.  He’s a very talented musician.  He and his band of “Steves” performed a variety of great music and even let a couple of us join the group.  After a great day of epic riding through some of the most glorious country we have experienced, a cold beer, good eats and a little party was exactly what we needed.

We woke from a good night’s sleep, enjoyed a hearty breakfast and bid our friends farewell. Then pointed the bike toward home .. with 1 planned stop at the Kinzua Bridge.  What an amazing and totally unexpected place to see.

So,  thank you to Wally & Kelly for all the planning and for inviting us.  And thank you to the good folks of Potter County.  God has blessed you with some absolutely beautiful country!



Just outside our bedroom door …005a









Dinner Entertainment!

Sunday morning … short ride down the road for breakfast – no helmets required in Pennsylvania!


This charming fixer-uper can be yours for just $65,000!  Built in 1880 it was once the Old Hickory Inn.  Previous owners went by the name of Addams 😉

Kinzua Bridge

When built in 1882 it was the tallest and widest bridge in the world.  It collapsed as a result of the high winds from a tornado that passed through in 2003 and has since been turned into a skywalk within the National Park.

Glass floor at the farthest point of the skywalk



back on the road to home …


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