Easter Seals Regatta

Captain's Dinner-55

The 19th annual Rexall Foundation Niagara Easter Seals Regatta was held this past Sunday.    Dalhousie Yacht Club opened up the club house for this event and many of its members provided their boats to take the Easter Seals kids and their families for a cruise on Lake Ontario – an experience that most look forward to almost as much as Christmas.

The weekend event began on Saturday evening with a reception for the volunteers and boaters.  We were treated to a delicious menu of Sliders and Salads as well as tours of 2 of the larger boats, Little Mischief and Black Magic V.  Both boats are stunning and their Skippers most hospitable.

Sunday’s weather couldn’t have been better for a “day at sea”!  Hot, sunny and breezy – perfect for sailing.  As families arrived they were entertained with face painting, a steel drum band and a fun puppet show.  Boarding was “officially” kicked off by the DYC Comodore and local politicians.

So many of the DYC’s members turned out, many of whom have volunteered their boats for all 19 years (count the flags – 1 for each year)!  Every family was able to experience a trip on the water with no one having to wait or be rushed.  Each child was carefully lifted on board and disembarked by volunteer Firefighters who spent all day in the sun ensuring every child was able to experience this adventure.  I was even able to have a tour of the harbour with Roscoe & Nancy to capture some of the families enjoying their time on the water.

The committee and their volunteers did an AMAZING job of organizing this event, coordinating the boats and boarding and even arranged for perfect weather!  This was my first year … I hope it won’t be my last.


Captain's Dinner-53Captain's Dinner-72Day of-20

Day of-162

Day of-114

One thought on “Easter Seals Regatta

  1. Hey, there!! Can’t believe I somehow missed that these pictures existed. (Did I miss the email? Was it something I said? LOL)
    Do you mind if I distribute a link to them to everyone who was involved in last year’s Regatta? (Just to help “keep the spirit alive” in spite of the fact that we got shut-out by Mother Nature this year!)
    Thanks again, Nancy, for the WONDERFUL work you did on this project. Lots of great memories for lots of parents, volunteers and mostly, OF COURSE……for the KIDS!!

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