Lifting up our City

LPB 2017-71

Again this year I had the honour of photographing the Leaders’ Prayer Breakfast.  This event brings together leaders from our churches, communities, businesses and politics to share ideas which will make our city more compassionate.  And to be inspired by stories of those who have been touched by compassion and lifted up out of dispair.

Eden’s Eclectic Tendencies opened the breakfast by leading us all in our National Anthem and later challenged us through their songs.  A number of individuals shared their inspirational stories of how their lives had been changed by the compassion of individuals, churches and organizations.

Mayor Walter Sendzik spoke to us on what is happening in our city and how the staff is being trained to make compassion a part of their daily lives and jobs.  Finally, the morning was capped by our mayor being lifted up in prayer by several leaders of our faith community.

We have a great city!  It is a beautiful, friendly place to live, raise families and grow old.   We can make it even better just by showing compassion to our neighbours.  A single kind act – no matter how small – can make a huge difference for someone.  If each of us just did one kind thing today we could start a tsunami of compassion that would spread farther than we can imagine.  It starts with you and me.


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