Pennsylvania Pilgrimage

A couple of weekends ago the bearded guy and I embarked on our (now) annual pilgrimage to Coudersport, Pennsylvania to meet up with some friends and ride through the beautiful hills.

Our numbers were down a bit this year, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm or fun (even if the weather tried).

We braved the cool, wet weather of Friday afternoon to ride down to our favourite little place to stay and eat, the Laurelwood Inn, to be hosted by our favourite Innkeepers, Paul and Christine Herzig.  Paul is a man of many talents who not only runs the Inn with his lovely wife, he provides the fantastic dinner entertainment as well.  I was honoured to join him again this year along with Joe and Doc.  It was a pleasure and a blast!

Here are a few pics from our weekend adventure to “get your motor running”!




The sun came out for our Saturday ride!


Fuelling up!


Well, we thought we were doing a great job leading the pack … until we realized this was the last corner we had seen the others.  In other words … no one was following us!  Apparently we missed a turn.  (oops)  While the others continued on the preplanned route, Jim, the bearded guy and I found a really great new road, met a deer in the middle of the road (who scampered off just in time) and spent the rest of the morning zig-zagging around trying to find our friends.


And … as if it were planned … we pulled into the agreed upon lunch stop just as our friends were climbing off their bikes!


The best Philly Steak sandwich anywhere! (or so I’m told)


A quick fill (I think that gas pump is older than I am!) and …

we’re off again.


Sunday morning


No helmets required!


Homeward bound


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