Alissa & Johnny are Engaged!

Alissa and Johnny Engagement-37

It’s funny how life brings you ’round in circles, isn’t it?  See if you can follow this without getting dizzy.

Alissa grew up living around the corner from my in-laws, where my kids spent most of their summer days.  My daughter, Jodi, and Alissa became great friends.  As they grew up they went separate ways and only touched base from time to time.  2 years ago Johnny’s sister, Courtney, was getting married and in need of a photographer so Alissa suggested me (sweet of her).  I loved capturing Courtney and Ryan’s wedding (the men were so striking in their kilts!)  Since then, Courtney and Ryan have added an adorable little daughter to their family.   And then, on the way back from a Florida vacation, Johnny proposed to Alissa!  And here we are ….

So … on a VERY hot day in June family and friends  came together to celebrate their love and start planning for the big wedding next August.  Jodi and I can’t wait to be a part of it!


Alissa and Johnny Engagement-82Alissa and Johnny Engagement1-74Alissa and Johnny EngagementAlissa and Johnny Engagement-89Alissa and Johnny Engagement-4Alissa and Johnny Engagement-5Alissa and Johnny Engagement-8Alissa and Johnny Engagement-18Alissa and Johnny Engagement-14Alissa and Johnny Engagement-28Alissa and Johnny Engagement-22Alissa and Johnny Engagement-21Alissa and Johnny Engagement-26Alissa and Johnny Engagement-27Alissa and Johnny Engagement-33Alissa and Johnny Engagement-31Alissa and Johnny Engagement-39Alissa and Johnny Engagement-41Alissa and Johnny Engagement-47Alissa and Johnny Engagement-49Alissa and Johnny Engagement-50Alissa and Johnny Engagement-57Alissa and Johnny Engagement-63Alissa and Johnny Engagement-64Alissa and Johnny Engagement-65Alissa and Johnny Engagement-66Alissa and Johnny Engagement-68Alissa and Johnny Engagement-77Alissa and Johnny Engagement-38Alissa and Johnny Engagement-88Alissa and Johnny Engagement-87Alissa and Johnny Engagement-84

One thought on “Alissa & Johnny are Engaged!

  1. Thank you Nancy for capturing these precious moments in pictures of my beautiful daughter and her wonderful husband-to-be! It certainly was a steamy hot day! I really appreciated that so many friends and family were able to join us and celebrate the engagement.

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