Let them eat …. pierogis??

Facer St Euro Festival-33

My sweet daughter, Jodi, was asked to sing with her good friend, Nolan Jodes (aka Boy Jody) at Monday’s Facer European Festival.  So, of course, the bearded guy and I had to go and support our girl.

In case you aren’t familiar with Facer Street it is a neighbourhood in St.Catharines known for being home to many european ethnic communities.  See their website at http://facereuropeanfestival.com  As a kid I lived near this community and did attend Prince of Wales Public School (located on Facer St) for a year.  Polish, Ukrainian, Italian and other communities share the neighbourhood and so the festival fare includes pierogis, cabbage rolls and wonderful breads and baked goods.  The air was filled with the aroma of these delicacies as well as the sounds of polkas, accordions, folk songs and fun.  And, of course the “Jodes” rocked it on the St.Joseph’s Baker Stage.  (listen below or go to iTunes and Spotify to hear Nolan Jodes EP “A.”)

Blessings and greetings were brought by multiple faith leaders, past and present Beauty Queens and politicians, including or own Mayor Walter Sendzik, MP Chris Bittle and MPP Jim Bradley.

The weather cooperated for the early part of the day and even though the rain came it didn’t dampen the spirits.  Looking forward to next year’s festival!



Facer St Euro Festival-4Facer St Euro Festival-10Facer St Euro Festival-13Facer Festival-64Facer St Euro Festival-24Facer St Euro Festival-11Facer St Euro Festival-9Facer Festival-17Facer Festival-18Facer Festival-19Facer Festival-31Facer St Euro Festival-71Facer St Euro Festival-74Facer St Euro Festival-77Facer St Euro Festival-38Facer St Euro Festival-30Facer St Euro Festival-29Facer St Euro Festival-28Facer St Euro Festival-48Facer Festival-97Facer Festival-100

Facer Festival-102Facer Festival-101Facer St Euro Festival-72Facer St Euro Festival-73Facer St Euro Festival-43Facer St Euro Festival-42Facer St Euro Festival-44Facer St Euro Festival-41Facer St Euro Festival-52Facer St Euro Festival-57Facer St Euro Festival-59Facer St Euro Festival-60Facer St Euro Festival-36Facer St Euro Festival-21Facer St Euro Festival-80Facer St Euro Festival-78Facer St Euro Festival-58


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