Debbie & Dave – Second Chances


I’m going to gush over this one a bit more than I usually do because this is the most special love story I have ever had the honour of capturing.

Last year at this time our hearts were broken.  All of our lives had been irrevocably changed by tragedy and it was hard to see a way forward through the blur of our tears.  Dave had lost is wife, Sandy.  A mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and best friend.

Four years before this a family in Waterloo was writing a similar story.  Debbie had lost her husband, John, and she and her 2 boys were trying to find their way out of grief.  Surrounding them were parents, siblings, and friends.  Among those friends were Sandy & Dave and Tom & I.  You see, Sandy, Dave, Debbie, John, Tom and I have known each other since our youth.  Our families know each other.  We have history.

We’ve watched as Dave & Debbie carefully and cautiously waded into the whole dating thing.  And we rode the rollercoaster of emotions along with them as their relationship grew and turned to love.  And we’ve watched with love as these families came together offering support, friendship and new experiences to each other.

So, on a crisp, cold day in December Debbie and David said their vows in front of family and friends.  A new chapter in their lives and in ours who love them.   We have lots of special memories of John and Sandy that we’ll never forget.  And they will be with all of us forever.  And now we look forward to making new memories together.

So … here’s how the day unfolded in pictures.


Hair & Make-up:  Hair Creations

Flowers:  Vinifera Floral Design

Venue:  Inn on the Twenty




D&D-8D&D-34D&D-13DetailsD&D-19D&D-14JewelsD&D-28D&D-33D&D-22D&D-37stairsD&D-45D&D-56Inn on the TwentyInn on the Twenty 2D&D-39MusicD&D-71D&D-72guestsD&D-76D&D-79D&D-80D&D-81D&D-85D&D-88D&D-91D&D-94D&D-97D&D-102D&D-103D&D-107D&D-113D&D-115ReceivingReceiving 2D&D-177D&D-174D&D-60D&D-62aD&D-67D&D-7D&D-25


D&D-15D&D-11D&D-17ReceptionD&D-200D&D-202D&D-204D&D-205D&D-211D&D-239D&D-31FoodD&D-237D&D-261D&D-262Filet-o-fishD&D-32Food 2D&D-18D&D-281D&D-284D&D-292D&D-294D&D-298D&D-303D&D-312D&D-313D&D-314D&D-279LoveD&D-319

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