Meg & Dan – Marry Me in a Meadow

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Whew!  Time really does fly.  I’m really happy to be posting Meg & Dan’s wedding FINALLY.  It’s totally my fault.  Just got too busy.  Well, I made the time and I hope you love the pics!

So, full disclosure.  Meg is my niece.  Daughter of my amazing sister, Deb, and Paul McCartney look-a-like BiL, Big Dave.  She’s also sister to (Little) Dave and Cathy (earlier post).

Anyway … it was all the way back in September on a beautiful day at Maple Meadows Farm that Meg & Dan said “I Do” in front of family and friends.  Wait … let me back up.

Meg & Dan met in Toronto where they were both living.  Meg was managing a bar/restaurant and Dan worked in the brewing industry.  Match made in heaven, right?  Anyway, it didn’t take long for these two to fall in love and for Dan to move in.  Talk soon turned to marriage, but before Dan could pop the question they were both surprised by news that they were expecting!  So, wedding plans were pushed out a year until after Cohen made his appearance and Meg was back to her gorgeous self again (not that she was ever not gorgeous).  (see for the post “Mama Bear”)

Now fast forward to September 7, 2019 and that sunny, warm day on the shores of Lake Erie.  Meg & Dan were equally stunning in their wedding attire and Cohen stole the show in his Murray tartan kilt.   A few sprinkles of rain fell before the ceremony (just for good luck) but the sky cleared in time for everyone to gather in the meadow.  After a lovely coctail hour everyone came together around the tables in the barn.   The food was delicious, the speeches were perfect, and the barn was decorated to perfection.  We laughed and cried … ate, drank and danced.  Couldn’t have been a more wonderful day!


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Venue/Flowers:  Maple Meadows Farm

Caterer:  Yellow Pear

Brides’ Dress:  Second Dance

Guestbook Sign:  The Wooden Elephant

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