New Season


Spring has sprung, as they say.  And with it the garden is coming back to life.

And we’re all finding ourselves in a new way of living lately.  The usual routines are put on hold.  Some are worried we will lose some of what we have become attached to.  I hope it helps us to slow down and see what is in front of us.  To stop all the rushing and stand still for a bit.  Listen to the birds sing and watch the butterflies.  Catch sight of a dragonfly hovering over a puddle.

Maybe you will get to know your neighbour.  Open your eyes and see the people around you.  Check on them and make sure they are ok.  And make sure you are ok too.  Do something to keep you ok.  Read a good book.  Try some new recipes. Whatever good this season offers you, take it with open hands and be grateful for small gifts.

And let’s be real.  There will be some hard stuff.  Remember … you’re not alone in this.  Ask for help if you need it.

I hope what I found in my garden today makes you smile a little and gives you a bit of hope.




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