Kennisha & Ben – If It’s Meant to Be …

It’s been a long stretch between weddings. Covid has played havoc with couples wanting to celebrate their marriages. But we’re starting to see some light and breath fresh air again and weddings are back on. Hurrah!!!

Kennisha & Ben had postponed their wedding for almost a year. They were struggling to find a place to hold their wedding when mom, Michelle, found this little hidden gem of a venue called Studebakers. And the best things about Studebakers are its owners, Brenda & John. They make every event amazing with scrumptious food, beautiful surroundings and just the best service. Even though Kennisha & Ben only saw the place covered in snow in the dead of winter, they trusted mom’s judgement and Brenda’s positivity and it was all beautiful.

Kennisha & Ben went to high school together. And, although Kennisha had a crush on Ben, they didn’t fall in love until a few years later. “If it’s Meant to Be, It’ll Be” was playing on their first date and, apparently, it was.

The day began breezy, bright and sunny. Decorators busily added flowers and fluff to make the venue even more lovely. Excitement built as the morning was filled with hair and makeup, dresses and suits. Almost before we knew it , with family and friends assembled… it was time.

It was so sweet to see Ben wiping away tears as he saw his beautiful bride coming down the aisle. And Kennisha hardly let go of his hand all day. Not even a little rain could dampen their happiness. Vows were made, rings exchanged, all sealed with a kiss. And now along with Kennisha’s sweet daughter, McKenzie, they are a family!

Here’s how the lovely day went.

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