Easter Seals Regatta

The 19th annual Rexall Foundation Niagara Easter Seals Regatta was held this past Sunday.    Dalhousie Yacht Club opened up the club house for this event and many of its members provided their boats to take the Easter Seals kids … Continue reading

A little change is good for the soul …

It’s not much … just a slight change.  A little softer and a little sweeter.  I’m finding my wings!  So it seemed appropriate to add them to my name. My photography journey has taken a great turn this year.  I’ve … Continue reading


001Inspiration …. where does it come from?  I LOVE wandering through Thrift Stores and Flea Markets.  You just never know what kind of treasures you are going to find.  I admit that I go at least once a week to at least one area Thrift Store.  Does that make me addicted?  Hmmm, well?  I do have a pretty sweet collection of vintage items, so I’d say that is justification enough.

I am usually looking for specific items when I go.  I’m a collector of Milk Glass, so that is always on the list.  Sometimes, though, I just stumble upon fantastic items …. like these toe shoes.  Yes, they are a little dirty and definitely well used,  but that is what makes them so special.  Someone DANCED in these slippers … a lot.

When I was a girl I used to sketch ballerinas, dreaming of becoming one of those graceful, willowy fairies.  The girl who’s name is written inside these shoes got to live that dream …. she got to wear the tutu and float across the stage on her toes to the orchestra playing Swan Lake or The Nutcracker.  Just holding them makes me feel a little closer to that fantasy … I even tried them on and they almost fit.

Sadly … I’m passed my ballerina prime.  But the shoes have inspired me with ideas for portraits.  This year I am going to stretch my wings a bit further out.  I’m going to run with the inspiration that comes along and not let it fade.  So … watch out world … cause here I come!