Amanda & Cory – Into the Woods

It was so much fun exploring Ball’s Falls Conservation Area with Amanda & Cory and their amazing Coordinator/Bridesmaid, Michelle! It was a cloudy, crisp, early morning. Perfect for snuggles. And it was pretty obvious how much these two love each … Continue reading

Spring At Home 2021

I love my back yard. It’s lush and green with bits of colour sprinkled all around it. Spring is a great time to just inhale the fresh, fragrant air and let it wash those winter cobwebs away. It’s been a … Continue reading

Easter Seals Regatta

The 19th annual Rexall Foundation Niagara Easter Seals Regatta was held this past Sunday.    Dalhousie Yacht Club opened up the club house for this event and many of its members provided their boats to take the Easter Seals kids … Continue reading

A little change is good for the soul …

It’s not much … just a slight change.  A little softer and a little sweeter.  I’m finding my wings!  So it seemed appropriate to add them to my name. My photography journey has taken a great turn this year.  I’ve … Continue reading


James 015-3204

I finally get to show off my son.  He’s a busy guy and hard to get time with.  So, this year as my Christmas gift from him, I asked for an hour of his time.  He just smiled and said … “sure, mom …. when do you want to get together?”  Well, when the snow started to fall yesterday and covered the ground I called and he came. 

My dad gave each of his kids a package of old photos of us at Christmas this year.  When I went through them, I realized that there were pictures of us as young kids and pictures from our weddings and our families.  There was a whole chunk of our lives – when we were young adults – that was missing.  Other than those horrible school photos, our teen years were, mostly, nonexistant on film.  I’ve missed that opportunity with my kids and am searching for as many pics from those years as I can find.  My goal this year is to take beautiful pictures of my family members – no matter what their age.  To not have any more gaps.  My family is precious!  Your family is precious!  Make sure you have beautiful photos of all the years of your lives.

So … here’s the first installment of my Family Portrait Series 2014.  James.


James 006-3186


James 012-3176James 008-3208James 009-3210James 010-3211James 011-3212