Pelican Brief

I am very blessed to be able to travel. I recently spent some time on the Riviera Maya, Mexico beside the emerald waters of the Caribbean.  Every morning we would walk the beach and every morning we would be greeted … Continue reading

Reflections a la Beckstead

I had a completely different photo shoot planned for today.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and we had to postpone.  So, instead, I decided to play with the puddles a bit.

I recently attended a workshop with world renowned, destination wedding photographer, David Beckstead.  I was inspired by the use of reflection in many of David’s gorgeous images.  Though I didn’t have a bride’s reflection to capture, I had a beautiful bouquet.  And it didn’t mind a few rain drops.



To Everything a Season …

The great thing about where we live is the change of season.  Fall is my favourite.  The colours, smells and tastes that come with fall are magnificent!

Today I needed some solitude and found it amongst the trees at Ball’s Falls.  The sound of the rushing water and the birds in the trees was music to my soul.  Nature is the best healer!  Of course I took my camera along and here are a few pics of the beauty I found.


fall 001 fall 002 fall 03 fall 04 fall 05 fall 06 fall 07 fall 08 fall 09 fall 10 fall 11 fall 12 fall 13

A Year the life …

All sorts of feelings are floating around inside me as I write this last blog post for the year.  Excitement, exhaustion, a little sadness.  But most of all I feel contentment.  I count myself very lucky to have the family I do, the great life-long friends near and to have been able to get to know some wonderful new folks as well.

It’s been a year of learning and of examination for me as a photographer.  I send a BIG Thank YOU to the seasoned pros who shared their wisdom and time with me.  I’m in awe of your talent and skill and you have inspired me to become better at my craft.  You’ve helped me find my courage and I’m heading into the next year with new anticipation.

I’ve got some big events on the calendar for 2013, starting with Hannah & Keith’s Wedding, so get ready!

So here are a few of my favourites from 2012.  I wish all of you and your families the most Wonderful Christmas and a Fabulous New Year!


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