Coudersport Caravan

It was that time of year again.  Memorial Day.  And it wouldn’t be Memorial Day without a weekend in Coudersport on the bike.

This year the weather gods smiled on us and granted us sunshine and warmth.  The bearded guy even managed to get off early (thanks boss!) and we were able to drive in daylight.  A few of our group arrived early and set out on an afternoon ride.  Unfortunately, there was an incident which sent a couple of our merry band home before the weekend even really began.  That took the wind out of our sails for a bit the next morning, but after a few corners we got our mojo back and the ride on Saturday was one of the best ever.

The ride through the national forests and parks is so beautiful and tranquil.  Winding through the tree-lined roads, past streams and look-outs.  On this particular day, as we meandered … ok, more like careened … we were showered with delicate, yellow butterflies that fluttered down on us like confetti.  Aaaaaand …. sometimes splattered all over our visors.  In spite of the carnage those bright, sunny creatures made me smile.

A late lunch and we headed back to the Laurelwood for some socializing and sipping.  After a delicious dinner Paul was kind enough to gather the band and together we sang a few songs, struggled through one or two, and just had a blast.

Thanks, again, everybody, for a great time with fantastic people!  Here are a few pics from the “back seat”


HotelCoudersport 2018Coudersport 2018-58

Aaaand … we’re off!

Coudersport 2018-2Coudersport 2018-5Coudersport 2018-6Coudersport 2018-8Coudersport 2018-9Coudersport 2018-10Coudersport 2018-11Coudersport 2018-12Coudersport 2018-13Coudersport 2018-14Coudersport 2018-15Coudersport 2018-16Coudersport 2018-17Coudersport 2018-18Coudersport 2018-20Coudersport 2018-21Coudersport 2018-22Coudersport 2018-23Coudersport 2018-24Coudersport 2018-25Coudersport 2018-26Coudersport 2018-27Coudersport 2018-28Coudersport 2018-29Coudersport 2018-30

Lunch break

Coudersport 2018-31Coudersport 2018-32Coudersport 2018-33Coudersport 2018-36Coudersport 2018-38Coudersport 2018-39Coudersport 2018-40Coudersport 2018-41Coudersport 2018-42Coudersport 2018-43

The remnants of the carnage ….

Coudersport 2018-50

The band

Coudersport 2018-45Coudersport 2018-48Coudersport 2018-51Coudersport 2018-52

No helmet … and SHORTS!

Coudersport 2018-53Coudersport 2018-54Coudersport 2018-55Coudersport 2018-56Coudersport 2018-57Coudersport 2018-59Coudersport 2018-60

Packin’ up

Coudersport 2018-64Coudersport 2018-63

Remember the haunted house from 2 years ago?  Well, apparently the ghosts have been evicted.  Can’t wait to see it all done.

Coudersport 2018-65

Home again.

Coudersport 2018-66