February is for Youth

001I have the great pleasure of serving on the steering committee of Youth Unlimited (Youth For Christ) here in Niagara.  This past Thursday we held our 3rd annual fundraising banquet at the St.Catharines Holiday Inn (Ontario St).  This year’s theme was Hollywood Glamour and these ladies sure fit that bill!  These 3 lovely young ladies shared their stories of how YFC/Youth Unlimited had impacted and changed their lives.  They are amazing young women and we were so inspired by them.

Our Steering Committee Chair, Ernie Reimer of St.Catharines Building Supplies, thanked the many, many sponsors for an event like this.  Not the least of these was the Holiday Inn Hotel, St.Catharines who provided us with the facilities for this great event.  The place is truly beautiful and the food was outstanding!  We are so thankful for people in our community who see the potential in every young person and are willing to help!  Our musical guests were the Juliette Dunn Quartet who got us “jazzed” up with their fantastic music.  Great music, delicious food and a stocked silent auction rounded out our event.




Along the Red Carpet Walk into the banquet hall guests could take advantage of our photo booths and the assortment of accessories provided by the team.  Here are a few of the faces who stopped by for a pic that night.

















001Inspiration …. where does it come from?  I LOVE wandering through Thrift Stores and Flea Markets.  You just never know what kind of treasures you are going to find.  I admit that I go at least once a week to at least one area Thrift Store.  Does that make me addicted?  Hmmm, well?  I do have a pretty sweet collection of vintage items, so I’d say that is justification enough.

I am usually looking for specific items when I go.  I’m a collector of Milk Glass, so that is always on the list.  Sometimes, though, I just stumble upon fantastic items …. like these toe shoes.  Yes, they are a little dirty and definitely well used,  but that is what makes them so special.  Someone DANCED in these slippers … a lot.

When I was a girl I used to sketch ballerinas, dreaming of becoming one of those graceful, willowy fairies.  The girl who’s name is written inside these shoes got to live that dream …. she got to wear the tutu and float across the stage on her toes to the orchestra playing Swan Lake or The Nutcracker.  Just holding them makes me feel a little closer to that fantasy … I even tried them on and they almost fit.

Sadly … I’m passed my ballerina prime.  But the shoes have inspired me with ideas for portraits.  This year I am going to stretch my wings a bit further out.  I’m going to run with the inspiration that comes along and not let it fade.  So … watch out world … cause here I come!


Under the Evergreen – The Willems Family

This is instalment number 2 of sharing portraits of my family.  Vickie is my youngest sister and you might recognize Hannah and Keith from their wedding pics.  This week was their first anniversary!  I love how much fun they all have together.  No matter what life throws at them, Kelly & Vickie are able to find a way to see the positive and come out smiling.

When I got married, Vickie was just a girl.  When she got married I was very pregnant with my second child.  And now both of us have adults instead of kids.  Time really flies.  Before you know it we’ll all be old and … well, not grey because Hannah will take care of our hair.

So, here are the Willemses!


K&V 011

K&V 001

K&V 008

K&V 017

K&V 018

K&V 028

K&V 009

K&V 015

K&V 024

Pelican Brief

I am very blessed to be able to travel. I recently spent some time on the Riviera Maya, Mexico beside the emerald waters of the Caribbean.  Every morning we would walk the beach and every morning we would be greeted … Continue reading

Petite Princesses

Besides the Bride, my favourite person in the wedding party is usually the Flower Girl.  Those ruffly, giggly, dancing-down-the-aisle pixies who steal our hearts and make us say “aaawww!”.  You’re never 100% sure what they will do, but you know they will be the star of the show … right up until the Bride makes her entrance.  So here’s to those fairies we all love ….


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Sweet Young Things – University Bound

Meet Carmen and Austin!  No, they are not engaged … just dating.  But they are celebrating one year as a couple and they are both leaving on Monday for university.  Starting a new adventure.  So exciting!  Stepping into adulthood and independence.  I’m  a little jealous and a little proud.  I’ve known Carmen since she was little and have watched her grow into a beautiful, confident young woman.  She’s pretty fantastic!  And I know Austin has to be pretty fantastic because Carmen wouldn’t choose a guy who wasn’t.

So I am wishing them much success and will be praying for them.  They are two bright lights for our future!  And it shows in their faces.


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