Brittany & Rob – Life is a Dance

Wedding days are busy, exciting, activity filled days. And, like a dance, they have partners moving through the steps together.  Of course, there is the odd dip or stepped on toe.  But if the dancers focus on each other they … Continue reading

Courtney & Ryan – Sunflowers on Sapphire Blue

There are no happier flowers than Sunflowers … but even they couldn’t match the joy on Courtney’s face as she and Ryan pledged their love to each other before family and friends. A groom clad in the family tartan … … Continue reading

Dave & Cathy – Schooled in Love

I am so excited to share these pics of Dave & Cathy’s wedding with you, finally!  You may remember that Dave is my nephew and now Cathy is my niece.  I had a blast shooting their day!  Everyone was great … Continue reading

A little change is good for the soul …

It’s not much … just a slight change.  A little softer and a little sweeter.  I’m finding my wings!  So it seemed appropriate to add them to my name. My photography journey has taken a great turn this year.  I’ve … Continue reading

Petite Princesses

Besides the Bride, my favourite person in the wedding party is usually the Flower Girl.  Those ruffly, giggly, dancing-down-the-aisle pixies who steal our hearts and make us say “aaawww!”.  You’re never 100% sure what they will do, but you know they will be the star of the show … right up until the Bride makes her entrance.  So here’s to those fairies we all love ….


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