Epic Events … mine and others’

YFC Gala – February 2016

Holiday Inn, St.Catharines



Tom … the Turkeys … and me

(Thanksgiving Day Ride)

What a great weekend!  Family gathering together … perfect weather … and a holiday Monday.  And what are holiday Mondays for?  Sleeping late, yard work, reading a good book.  NOPE!  not for us!   Tom and I (my husband – not the turkey) were up before the sun, dressed and ready to roll.  We made it to the border just in time for the sunrise and on to Allegany State Park and National Forest for an AMAZING Autumn ride.  The sky was bright blue and the colours were spectacular.  I’ll be smiling for days!




The heart of the park is the Red House.  A beautiful old stately building which houses the restaurant, gift shoppe and ranger station.008Red House

Within the Red House is the Museum.  It is a unique collection of taxidermy.  All sorts of animals found within the park are displayed there for visitors to view.  No visit to the park would be complete until we have visited the turkeys and all the other things found there.023017028030031

Down the road a bit we found the Kinzua Dam.  035036

And made a stop at the Train Station for lunch before making our way back north and home.039


Last Golf Game of 2015 – Rolling Meadows

I love playing golf with my friends Shelley, Shirley & Rosemary!  I’m not great but not bad … and as long a we are having fun we are happy no matter what our score is.  Here are a few pics of the ladies on our last day of the season.


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Gala for a Good Cause – YFC Fundraiser



The Battle of Cooks Mills 200th Anniversary168


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Fairview Church 50th Anniversary

This is my church and some of the people I love who also attend here.  In 2014 we celebrate 50 years of faithfulness from our God and 50 years of service to our community and each other.






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