Alissa & Johnny are Engaged!

It’s funny how life brings you ’round in circles, isn’t it?  See if you can follow this without getting dizzy. Alissa grew up living around the corner from my in-laws, where my kids spent most of their summer days.  My … Continue reading

Looking forward …


2016 started out with so much promise and excitement.  It ended with heartbreak for me and my family.

The year included some wonderful events.  I was able to celebrate marriages both as a guest or as the photographer.  There were learning opportunities for me,  a milestone birthday for my husband and many other really great adventures.

The heartbreak came in the form of a fire in my daughter’s apartment, which took almost everything she and her boyfriend owned – including 2 of their pets.  I am thankful to God that they weren’t home.  And the following day my best friend died and my heart was shattered.

It’s rare to find a friend who touches you and knows you like she did.  I don’t think you get more than 1 friend like that in a lifetime and I am forever grateful for the years we had and for all the pictures I have to remember her and the times we spent together.  She was an amazing wife, mom and friend.

You never know when someone will be gone forever so I am jumping on my friend, David Anthony Williams’ bandwagon.  Take lots of pictures of the people you love and even just like.  But don’t just leave them on your camera or in digital form … print them off and fill your house with them!  They will make you smile and remind you of great times you had together.  And they will help to mend your broken heart … just a little.

Though my heart still aches I am going to move ahead.  Even if that is an inch at a time for a while.  I have to … because my friend wouldn’t want me to sit and cry – even if that is what I really feel like doing.  I’ve got some ideas I want to explore and I will be launching some new ventures.  So … here’s to 2017.  To sharing old memories and making new ones.


Cecilia & Gus -Sweetness by the Sea

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) it’s always ourselves we find in the sea” Cecilia and Gus are sailors … in case you hadn’t guessed.  This summer they spent a month  out on the open waters … Continue reading