The Packages

Elopement Package:  How exciting!  If the number of years I’ve been married has taught me anything it is that the wedding is just one day in your wonderful life together and if keeping it small and intimate is your style that’s what you should have.  And your day should be captured with as much care as a large event.  Elopement sessions are 2 – 3 hours in length and start at $350.

Wedding Package:  The package we’ll build together is unique to you because you are unique!  This is your love story, not anyone else’s.  I want to hear all about how you met and fell in love and about your wedding vision.

So … first, we need to meet!  We need to get to know each other, hopefully, by getting together.  If that isn’t possible, however, we need to speak on the phone, at least, so I can hear your voice.  Email is great for sending information, but you can’t see the twinkle in a person’s eye when they talk about the one they love or hear that little catch in the throat when they get all teary talking about how they fell in love.

We’ll plan your engagement shoot around you and your love story.  This is kind of the rehearsal for your wedding day.  It’s a great way for me to see you together and for us to get really comfortable with each other and build trust.  Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your lives so you definitely need to trust me!

From there we’ll build the plan for your wedding day — identifying all those must have pics … deciding on portrait locations … and mapping out your day to make sure nothing gets missed.  At the end of it all you will have beautiful images that tell your unique love story!

My pricing starts at $1200.00 and I’ll be happy to work with you and your budget to make sure you get exactly what you want and can afford.

So … when can we get together?

wedding collage