Brittany & Rob – Life is a Dance

Wedding days are busy, exciting, activity filled days. And, like a dance, they have partners moving through the steps together.  Of course, there is the odd dip or stepped on toe.  But if the dancers focus on each other they won’t become dizzy from everything swirling around them.

That’s exactly what Brittany & Rob did on the warm, sunny day they married.  I loved watching how the tension and nerves just fell away as soon as they were together.  Just the touch of the other’s hand made everything right.  And the sight of their adorable little Payton brought wide smiles.

So, as you start your marriage … remember to hold each other’s hand … look into each other’s eyes … and, Rob … remember to twirl Brittany once in a while!

I loved spending the day with you and your families.  Here are a few pics from the day.


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Reception Venue:  Antipastos

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